At "Die Wohngemeinschaft" we provide a tasty breakfast for those who also want to keep good conscience while eating. It consists of mostly organic products. All cold meats are regional products from Germany's famous Thönes Nature Association who stands for very animal-friendly and environmentally friendly animal keeping, very humane slaughtering, fair prices for farmers and fair wages for employees. 

We serve a continental breakfast with all the following products for 5,50€ each day from 8-11am.

Our Breakfast consists of:

  • Bun Rolls and german bread from the cologne familiy-run bakery PROBST
  • an organic egg from HOF ALPERMÜHLE
  • Cold meats made of natural meat of high animal welfare from Cologne's NATURMETZGEREI HENNES
  • Different types of cheeses IN organic quality
  • cereals, Yoghurt and Milk IN ORGANIC QUALITY
  • Different types of spreads, Marmelades and butter 
  • GOOD! coffee, CAPPUCCINO or Café Latte with freshly ground coffee from Cologne's Coffee Manufacturer ESPRESSO 7 
  • 7 different types Organic Tea "COSY"
  • Orange-Juice & Fresh Water


Thönes Nature Meat
Very animal-friendly animal keeping since 1988 • Family-run farms • No preventative antibiotics, no growth promoters • GMO-free feed • Short regional transport distances to our slaughterhouse • Transparent origin labeling • Humane slaughtering and no piecework labor • Fair conditions and transparency within the association from the farmer to the slaughterhouse to the butcher shop