Compagnie de Résisdanse

The Revolutionary Ballroom

Franka, Pink, Diana, Lotta, Paula and Anna met during ballet school in Germany, at the Cologne Dance Academy. Ever since they met, the six have been on the same wavelength. On many an evening, they met to share things like lifting tips and their views on the fragile political situation over a nice bottle of red wine. Often, they'd rendezvous along the Dutch coast for training sessions in the water. Although there one way or another lecture was on the line, the de-registration was due to lack of performance records for all rather surprising. But it was actually a huge fortune, because directly after leaving the examination office swore the six, now on his own and without the annoying rules and standards of classical ballet to develop something new. Your ballet they did not want to offer the elite circles, but move with their productions something politically.

For three years they toured the Republic, showcasing their piece, L'état c'est toi, in hundreds of community centres, youth facilities and anti-fascist cafes. Together with some civil-rights activists, the six dance activists organised, the "Ensemble of the 1000 Dancers - Sweating Against Climate-Change," a demonstration at the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm This turned out to be a sensational breakthrough for the company. Shortly afterward, an opportunity presented itself to reopen a closed dance theatre in Bielefeld. They leaped at the chance, and opened the Theatre de la Résisdanse in 2013; a theatre devoted fully to the art of political dance. Anyone that assumes the company has lost its 'street credibility' is fooling themselves because for the G8 Summit 2014 in Russia, the company plans to mobilise more than 2,000 amateur dancers in a  dance adaptation of Swan Lake in the Red Square. 


"Compagnie de Résisdanse" is a dorm equipped with 6 beds for women only at the cost of 20 Euros a night, per person. Each bunk is 1.40 meters wide completely separated. For maximum privacy you can close the curtain in front of the bed. Free Wifi, linens and a locker for your things are available for free as well as a beautiful view of south cologne, along with the beautiful interior of cozy but glamorous ballroom.

  • 1,40 m large bunks
  • Bedding included
  • Curtain 
  • free locker for each each.
  • free Wifi
  • nice and clean shared showers
  • 24 hour access for checked-in guests
  • 20,- € per person and night (prices might vary depending on circumstances or city events)

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