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Danilo, born in 1975 in Niedersachsen, moved to Paris when he turned 19 to work as a private secretary for Milan Kundera. He later studied philosophy amongst many other subjects, however never earning a degree.  After a while he turned his back on school and decided to learn from real life experiences, to grow as a writer. He then worked many odd jobs, harvesting fields in Bornheim, working as a fisherman in Iceland, even working at a steel factory in the Ruhrgebiet, before starting his career as a Bankkaufmann in order to change “the system” from the inside out. He now lives as an author, writing maynle Lyric and prose. He was awarded the prestigious Hans-Jakob-Christoffel scholarship for his work about the Afghan war. In 2006 he began studying at the literary institute of Leipzig. He decided, however, to quit after realizing that not enough attention was paid to poetic meter and rhyme. He now travels between his cologne quarters at the Wihngemeinschaft and his farm in southern Spain. He is currently working on couplets exploring vanities concerning leisure time.

The room

“Danilo” is a bright, roomy space with three beds. Ideal for spending time reading or writing, choosing from an extensive book collection or crafting new work on the typewriter. You can rent this room for 65,50 euros for three people. Should you want to share it amongst 4 residents, the fee is 90 Euros total per night.
  • Bedding included
  • free WiFi
  • nice and clean shared showers
  • 24 hour access for checked-in guests
  • 75€ per night (prices might vary depending on circumstances or city events)

If you would like to book a special room with fewer guests then suggested, you’ll pay the normal room fee minus 10% per lesser person staying. For example: Danilo’s artist room is priced at 75 Euros for 2 people. Book it for one person instead and you will pay: 75-7.50 (10%) = 67,50 Euros

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