The magnificent amber palace

Emilia, sister of Annabell who lives on the ground floor of the Wohngemeinschaft, has been a passionate singer ever since she was little. At only 11 years old she started her first band. She was, however, different from her friends. While they were idolizing Shakira and Beyonce, Emilia was drawn to classical music, so when she turned 19 she decided to try out for a position studying under “the voice of Russia”, the famous opera singer Irina Archipowa in st. Petersburg. The Diva was so excited about Emilia’s talent that she let her live with her to study singing, as it were as “a way of life”. This turned out to be sort of a time travel for Emilia into old Russia, since Archipowa lived in the west wing of a 200 year old, unnrenovated, Zar Palace. Sadly this all came to an end when the great Irina Archipowa died suddenly in January of 2010, leaving Emilia to be deported back to Germany. Luckily Emilia’s sister Annabell has been staying at the Wohngemeinschft since 2008, allowing her to find a room there as well. Missing Russia Emilia was quick to embrace the Russian lifestyle, shown in her strong will as well as her Bernstein room in which she still lives and sings to this day..

The room

“Emilia” is a room with one double-bed, in the Bernstein-room style. You’ll feel transported back in time to the legendary palace through loving details. Only the panoramic view will remind you where you really are, overlooking the famous TV tower and the “belgische viertel”. You can rent this room for 59 Euros a night.

  • Bedding included
  • free WiFi
  • Nice and clean shared showers
  • 24 hour access for checked-in guests
  • 59€ per night (price might vary depending on circumstances or city events)

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