The Sub-orbital Spaceship


Born in Vladivostok, Russia, Yuri had from an early age, only two dreams; to fly and to build the perfect flying machine. Artfully constructed, paper airplanes and a heavy enthusiasm for science fiction manifested into an education in aviation and aerospace technology in the distant city of Cologne. Here aviation became less an obsession than that of space, which became Yuri's sole endeavour -- an example already provided by his idol, Gagarin.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude, his current employer practically hired him directly from the commencement podium. Since 2011, Yuri is considered one of the few world-leading experts in programming simulators for sub-orbital inserts. His job is to think-up new challenges that  astronauts face in training and in actual flight.

Yuri's secret plans are far larger, in fact. In the little free-time he has, he works on what may be a true marvel of technology. The Space Cab 2014 will offer sightseeing flights around the moon. Already, the first affluent prospects are lining up. The project will be made public within the next few weeks; yet, the question of who's flying, remains. Well, Yuri, of course!

The Room

"Juri" is a double bed spaceship. Thanks to the rescue capsule there's room for another person on demand. Check the instruments, start the engine and lift off for a journey beyond space and time. Juris spaceship can be booked for two starting at 59€ per night  oder starting at 75€ for three. We provide fuel for one circumnavigation of the world.

  • includes bedding and a towel
  • free WiFi
  • nice and clean shared showers
  • 24h access 
  • Starting at 59€ per nicht (price might vary depending on circumstances or city events)

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