The Exotic Tiki Room


Keiki is a marine biologist, born in Waikiki. She is considered to be a luminary in the field of mental training for Pacific schools of fish. In 2010, she was recruited by the Cologne Zoo in order to clarify a hitherto unknown phenomenon among barracudas, where they sprawl out apathetically on the seafloor  and refuse to eat. Keiki developed a special program of precisely timed feeding, ever-changing mood lighting combined with a constant change in water temperature and Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung. After just four days, the Barracudas were back in high spirits. Keiki's experiment was largely celebrated in a number major scientific journals.

In her spare time, her biggest hobby is music. She sings and plays ukulele in an all-women band, "The Tiki Chicks". The four brainy girls like to perform spontaneous concerts as they hop with their instruments from bar to bar through the city. They cover Rock and Punk classics with an exotic hula twist. Smoky clubs, illegal parties and seedy bars are the terrain of The Tiki Chicks; fortunately, none of them have a 'big break' in mind.

However, despite the many good friends that Keiki's made, the beautiful and well-paid jobs offered at the Cologne Zoo, Keiki would eventually return to Hawaii. The reason is simple: here, one of her greatest passions, surfing, she could not pursue. She used every opportunity to go to Holland for the sea, but the waves there were not impressive for someone used to the big swells in the surfer's paradise of Hawaii. She plans to apply to the "Oceanic Institute" at the University of Honolulu, to eventually be re-awakened by the noise of the endless Pacific.



"Keiki" is an exotic private double bed room. Some say if you take a deep breath you can really taste the salty air of the pacific ocean in there. Tamara can be booked for two starting at 59€ per night. If you also want to use the extra bed and come by three it's starting with 75€.

  • includes bedding and a towel
  • free WiFi
  • nice and clean shared showers
  • 24h access 
  • Starting at 59€ per nicht (price might vary depending on circumstances or city events)

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