the glitzy Bollywood palace

After the happy little commune she started with her friends near Holland began to dissolve after a quarter century, Manu decided to move on and become a midwife. Instead of delivering children at the end of her studies she decided she would travel the world, and in doing so she discovered her second coming. She was especially taken by India. She would have continued on her path living a happy hippy life or following some aw inspiring guru hadn’t she suffered a most inconvenient injury to her ankle while hiking through the Kerala, which led her back to Germany where she needed to be treated immediately. She then moved to the Wohngemeinschaftwhere she still lives in her India inspired room. Her sorrow turned into joy however when she, after taking a belly dancing class, was discovered and hired by the Laientruppe Shakespearantos as a character actress, where she even signed a contract. Now if only Bollywood would call…  

the room

Manu is a 4-bed room,  perfectly suited for families or traveling friends. Push the mattresses together and you have two cozy beds for couples. The magnificent Bollywood room costs 90 Euros per night for 4 people. Should you want to book it for 3 it comes to 81 Euros,  for a 2,  72 Euros a night. Wifi and linens are included.

  • Bedding included
  • free WiFi
  • nice and clean shared showers
  • 24 hour access for checked-in guests
  • 90€ per night (prices might vary depending on circumstances or city events)
If you would like to book a room with fewer guests then suggested, you’ll pay the normal room fee minus 10% per lesser person staying. For example: Manu's artist room is priced at 75 Euros for 3 people. Book it for one person instead and you will pay: 90€ - 9€ (10%) = 81 €

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