A world of coloured stones

Mikkel's great talent was revealed first when Mikkel was only 14 years old. By that time he won the biggest danish construction award "Danish Youth Constructs" with a 1:100 model of the oeresund-bridge made of white EGO stones. The company EGO immediately started to support him with a broad endorsement deal, which boosted Mikkel's creativity in an incredible way. For his next work, a replica of the city of copenhagen, he even was derated for three months from his compulsory school attendance.

With only 18 years of age Mikkel became the first chief constructor at EGO-land in copenhagen and made more than child happy with his wonderful constructions. But the idyllic world of the EGO land started to bore him pretty soon. He started building scenes of political issues like the war in iraq or the transportation of castor containers. His boss wasn't happy at all about all of that. After Mikkel built the mohammed-mosaic he got his final written warning and after building a scene with his boss sucking the bosom of the share-holders he finally was fired. The official term: Fired because of stealing a black EGO stone…

Mikkel's leaving denmark disillusioned and sad and travels the world for some months. In sydney he fell in love with Marla, a girl from cologne who earns her living as a madonna double in one of Germany's biggest theme parks, the Phantasia-Land near cologne. He moved to her city and soon got a job at phantasia land, too. Now he is the creative head of the Staymobil pirate-world. His heart never the less still belongs to the small colorful EGO stones as you can see in his room.

The room

Michel is a double bed room with one 1,40m double-bed and an extra bed when needed. Its clean style along with the space to create your own EGO-constructions fit perfectly for families or romantic couples. 

  Bedding included
  Free WiFi
  24/7 access for checked in guests
  Starting from 59€ per night for two persons (prices might vary depending on circumstances or city events)

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