The Cube room


Ruben was raised by esoteric hippie parents under strict anti-authoritarian guidelines in the alternative Copenhagen, Christiania Allotment. When Ruben was two years old, they thought it best to send him to an anthroposophical kindergarten, where he was to learn to art of silk painting, beeswax candle dipping, eurythmics and self-evolution. But it was quite different. In 8th grade, at a charity concert in aid of the new, fully landscaped corner-less schoolhouse, broke down over the building's aesthetics. This was the first of an ongoing rebellion against the architecture of curved shapes. In this, he would break free of the constraining hippie world of his parents. Ruben moved into a state school and became a proponent of modernism.

After high school, he won a place at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. He often attended SpeedCube competitions to get by. His record for solving the  Rubiks Cube was 6.24 seconds. A world record! Out of challenges, Ruben turned to architecture. Inspired by the works of famous architect, Adolf Loos, a pioneer of modernism, he began, albeit with a modest echo of his own pamphlets with titles like "curves and crime" or "The truth is 90°". In brief, Ruben hated curves. Perhaps, why he failed to find many women attractive. In his "Cube Room" you can find work from all over the world, especially art with corners and colours that fill a void within him. Ruben is working on the realisation of a 1:10 model, designed by Loos', Chicago Tribune Tower, as a counterpoint; in his opinion, the architecture of the cityscape is particularly disfiguring.



"Ruben" is a stylish double bed room with an extra bed if required. Clear forms and a very fancy controllable light installation make "Ruben" the perfect choice not only for design fans. Ruben's cube room can be booked for two starting at 59€ per night or starting at 75€ for three. 

  • includes bedding and a towel
  • free WiFi
  • nice and clean shared showers
  • 24h access 
  • Starting at 59€ per night (price might vary depending on circumstances or city events)

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