The Romantic Country House  

Her nickname "Tam'Hara of Tara" was born in 1988 in Hamburg, an apt title for a lady of Cologne, even at an early age. At 12 years-old she saw the Southern epic, Gone with the Wind, changing her forever. She religiously watched the film, numbering around 934 times to this day, and claims to still discover new aspects of the plot. This passion helps explain some of her quite quirky traits. It fills her room with cotton and traditional decoration of the 19th Century in the South. She entrances others through lectures at the university and surprises many hipsters in the trendy clubs around the city. Trendsetter or mega-nerd - Tamara's style has polarized the scene. Not infrequently, the pretty 25 year-old, is the talk of the town after the weekend via Facebook and Twitter.

Nevertheless, Tamara is still in search of her "Rhett", a gentleman with a moustache, dress, style and class. And even if the moustache is in vogue again, if it fits to Tamara's taste, she'll have him. Anyway, the silty big-city boys don't mean very much to her. Even with the monthly "Where, How, Who" fan club meeting, her hopes are diminishing because of the low rate of qualified bachelors men rate.

Her studies of the American Civil War is for her, very fulfilling. For 2 years, she's organised annual trips to Georgia, seeking the few existing cotton plantations remaining from the period in which they had been born. Here you see some spectacular finds, lauded in archeological circles. These are to be presented with the Scarlett's original dress at a special exhibition in the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum, scheduled for next year.


"Tamara" is a romantic double bed room including a cozy wooden veranda with a panorama view over cologne's belgian quarter. With a big portrait of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara right next to your bed love is truely in the air. Tamara can be booked for two starting at 59€ per night. 

  • includes bedding and a towel
  • free WiFi
  • nice and clean shared showers
  • 24h access 
  • Starting at 59€ per nicht (price might vary depending on circumstances or city events)

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