The minimalist art space

Telma is a 26-year old graduate from the Reykjavik academy of art, 2007. After graduating she spent 15 months in London, soaking in the scenery and art it had to offer, leaving her Icelandic past behind little by little. This is where her ideas for her work “Wald vor lauter Baeumen” (forest full of trees) were born. She saw herself as part of the art installation, making the art and becoming part of the art at the same time. She lives within her art, being both creator and participant.
“Wald vor lauter Baeumen” is a mostly colorless room. The absence of color enhancing the quality of said. It’s an outcry against the “rape” of the over-use of color by so called design and lifestyle choices. Telma can only be seen exiting her room in custom, black and white eye, Glasses. This binds her to her art. The only colors visible in her room are elementary colors, red, yellow and blue. Ironically she won a design award for her “alternative world” installation in 2010. She was then famously quoted as having said:” I can’t imagine anything worse then being praised by a designer”

The room

“Telma” is a very minimalist decorated room including a double, as well as a single bed. Apart from the three wall paintings the room is devoid of color, leaving you to add color blasts with you clothing or backpacks. This room is 75 Euros a night (for three people) 67.50 Euros for two, including bedspreads and Wifi.

  • Bedding included
  • free WiFi
  • nice and clean shared showers
  • 24 hour access for checked-in guests
  • 59€ per night (prices might vary depending on circumstances or city events)

    If you would like to book a room with fewer guests then suggested, you’ll pay the normal room fee minus 10% per lesser person staying. For example: Telma's artist room is priced at 75 Euros for 2 people. Book it for one person instead and you will pay: 75-7.50 (10%) = 67,50 Euros

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