The dharma bum room

3 years ago Tom’s life took a drastic turn when he, being a frustrated Art director for the Firm “Schuemli & Partner”at the time, received a notarized letter from Canada. His great-aunt Luise, who had been living by Lake Tagish near the border of Canada and Alaska for nearly 40 years, had past away. Being the only heir to his late aunt’s belongings he made the trip up to Canada 2 weeks later where he was informed of his inheritance: Her cabin at Lake Tagish as well as a Boat. A return to “Schuemli & Partner” was now out of the question for him. He resigned via e-mail the very next morning after having to drive 100km to Skagway to do so. A week later he set sale for the Bering ocean, traveling the Yukon-river and arriving 5 months later, incredibly exhausted but unharmed. 3 Months later Tom returned to Europe, boat in tow, to “show other folks how to live the life, in smaller doses”. He now teaches rafting classes all over Europe. He also owns a small Boat rental place at a lake near Huerth.  He only occupies his room in the Wohngemeinschaft during the winter months when it becomes unbearable to spend the night outdoors. He converted his Canadian boat into a bed, a normal bed being out of the question for him. He would feel like he turned his back on his new way of life. The only thing worse then sleeping in a normal bed for him would be returning to his old, miserable life as an art director.

The room

Tom’s room is a singleroom rental with an adventuress boat bed. The rent is 45 Euros per night for one person. Should you want to rent “Tom” as a doubleroom the rent per night is 52 Euros. Make sure that you are "closed" to your partner!

  • Bedding included
  • free WiFi
  • nice and clean shared showers
  • 24 hour access for checked-in guests
  • 45€ per night (prices might vary depending on circumstances or city events)
  • 52€ per night as a private double


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