Community room

Quick to find yourself in a stimulating conversation or exchanging travel experiences is a treat accompanied by staying in hostels, where the atmosphere is generally open and friendly. Decorated in 50’s style, our community room consists of a cozy couch corner and table, a library with books varying in language as well as a small assortment of DVD’s which can be used free of charge. Relax and enjoy, the community room is open 24/7.


We have showers including individual changing spaces ensuring comfort and privacy. In addition to both showers we have a third bathroom, including shower and a bathtub, ideal for families. It goes without saying that we pride ourselves in the highest sanitary conditions for all of our facilities.

CafeBar & Theater

Located on the ground floor of The Wohngemeinschaft is the café/bar and theater. Enjoy an afternoon sweet treat or a tasty home-brewed beer while checking out a concert or reading at night. For more event information, click on "Café Bar Theater" on the top of this side.